Daniel Figueras

The Tireless Sower

Largo, BWV 1056 (J. S. Bach). Arreglo: Dani Figueras

El Sembrador Incansable is the new musical project of Daniel Figueras. A set of fourteen pieces from the repertoire of Johann Sebastian Bach performed in flamenco key. With sincere and humble admiration he revisits the great Baroque master among bulerías, alegrías, tangos and other flamenco palos establishing an intimate and spiritual dialogue between music and flamenco music.

This young project premiered at Teatre Almería de Barcelona on June the 20th 2011. El Sembrador Incansable is based in the presence of Dani Figueras’s talent as a catalyst, both thinking and sentient, in search of new perspectives in the pairing aforementioned music.

As part of project development, Dani Figueras moved to Andalucía, the birthplace of flamenco. He is currently living in Beas, Huelva.